martedì 1 gennaio 2008

New Year, Old plans

The new year begins, and to start well I've done some work on the GrilloParlanteModena website.
In the end the Grillo project evolved in a WordPress blog, and we are building it directly on the WordPress main site.
We found using the main website has some limitations, in how and what can be configured, and in the way users can collaborate. For now we work like this, to have some advantages in security and visibility, then we'll see if it is necessary to build a stand-alone website.

For the new year I'm planning to make an Italian version of this blog, some people surprisingly said they saw this blog (that I added as my website in my profile on Skype) and they found it interesting, but difficult to read because it is in English.
I'll keep both versions and use them as a reference, to have a quick hub for all my projects.

Some of my domains are also approaching the expiration date, so I'll have to choose what to renew and what to leave behind. I think they have become too many and I need to sort out what I can actually build in the medium/short period.

In the meantime, I now also have the task to refurbish the website website of the aikido dojo where I practice. It's a long overdue activity, since I've been practicing for 6 years now and the website hasn't changed much (it is very old-style indeed). I'll have to check what actually can be done on the server, I hope to be able to use at least php or asp, event without a database, and not plain html...

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