venerdì 23 novembre 2007

The Grillo Project

It appears this blog is bringing me luck.
Yesterday I have been officially put in charge of realizing a website for the Modena Beppe Grillo Meetup. Beppe Grillo is an Italian comedian who was excluded from TV appearance because of his strong statements about the Italian government and enterprises. He continued having a lot of success with his theater shows and in the last 2 years his blog became one of the most visited website in Italy and worldwide. Many fan groups were created on the website and they are becoming a strong political movement fighting the many lobbies and oligarchies of Italian politics and economy.
I have recently joined the meetup of Modena (the city were I currently leave) and decided to help building a news website to inform about Modena's problems.
I hope the website will be an example and help other meetups to expand outside the limitations of

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